Coordinate System

Before going further it is necessary to understand what the orientation of the projectbox is. It should be clear that the projectbox has six “planes”.
The top is called “Lid” the bottom is called “Base”. The plane closest to the Y-axis is the “back”. “left” is closest to the X-axis. The plane opposite “back” (which is furthest from the Y-axis) is called “front” and the plane opposite “left” is called “right
The “zero point” ([x=0, y=0, z=0]) is always left-back at the top of the PCB.
For each plane there is an array in which you can specify where the cutouts should be in that plane. These cutouts all have (pcb)[0,0,0] as their starting point. So if at any time you decide to enlarge the edges around the PCB (padding) or to make the “pcbStandoffs” higher, the cutouts will move neatly with the position of the PCB.