Yet Another Parametric Projectbox generator

This documentation applies to v3.0 (06-02-2024) and is 'work in progress'
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With every electronic circuit I make, there comes a moment when the project is “finished”…. almost!
The last step is always to find a suitable projectbox and even then it is difficult to provide a (often plastic) projectbox with cutouts of the right size and in the right place.
Fortunately I have a 3D printer and in theory I can make a projectbox myself, but it always takes a lot of time. For standard processor boards you can find 3D STL files on the internet, but if you have “designed” a printed circuit board yourself, the only way is a “parameter controlled” solution that you can read in Fusion 360 or in openSCAD. Then you can specify the size of the box via parameters and sometimes a little more, but it never really “fits” well or it is so complex that you have to graduate before you can make something useful with it.
I made a solution that can provide almost any printed circuit board with a nice projectbox: the YAPP generator!
See this post for more information!
In this book I explain what the principles of this YAPPgenerator are and how you can use it to 3D print beautiful projectboxes!
With the YAPPgenerator as a basis you can make complex project boxes
The name YAPPgenerator is inspired by the Great and Famous YACC (Yet Another Compiler Compiler)
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